Youth Shooting Program: Rifle Marksmanship Training

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Buds Gun Shop & Range is excited to announce our new Youth Shooting Program, specifically our Rifle Marksmanship Training geared for young people ages nine (9) to fourteen (14).

Student participants--along with their Parent(s) or Guardian--will learn fundamental rules for safe handling of firearms, and receive instruction in parts and operation of the rifle, shouldering and aiming, and trigger control, then get to enjoy the opportunity for live-fire from supported, seated positions using Savage© .22 LR bolt-action rifles!

Benefits of shooting firearms are extensive and learning these skills at earlier ages promotes:

--Self Confidence & Courage;

--Mental & Physical Discipline, including better hand / eye coordination and upper body


--Stress reduction;

--Improved focus and concentration by really being “In the moment”;

--A feeling of empowerment and ability to take on greater responsibility;


Each student must be accompanied by Parent(s) or Guardian during the classroom and live-fire instruction. All student shooters should exhibit appropriate behavior with which our Range Staff is comfortable. Inattentive youth, or those demonstrating a lack of self-control will not be permitted on the range.

Decisions by Range Officers are final!

* Please Note: Parents or Guardians of left-handed students should email [email protected] to advise us, as we have a limited supply of left-handed rifles available.

We provide everything needed for this event: Professional instruction, .22 rifles by Savage©, ammunition, eye & ear protection, targets, and a take-home student handout. Students who complete this course will each receive their own Buds Gun Shop & Range I.D. card to present to our range staff when they return to practice on their own with their parent(s) or guardian.

Event duration: 90-120 minutes. Limited to ten students and their Parent(s) / Guardian.

Time: 10AM-12PM (Unless otherwise noted)

Cost: FREE!!!

Check here for Buds Gun Shop KY Cancellation Policies

Customer Reviews:

"Learned a lot of valuable info; instructor was awesome!" --Emily B.

"Great--highly recommend it." --Greg H.

"Excellent introduction or refresher." --Todd K.

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7/29 10am-12pm


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