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Only $45.  For this class, you must pay in advance with a credit card.  Unpaid orders for seating will not be honored.

Our Firearm Fundamentals is the next class you’ll want to take after our Firearm Foundations or Firearm Foundations: Ladies Only class.  We have developed this class just for you!

You will need to bring your personal handgun.  We recommend using the handgun you expect to use for self-defense or for target-shooting purposes; in other words, the gun with which you want to get better!  Expect a lot more trigger time under supervised instruction.  We do limit class size so that the instructors can devote individual attention to help you improve your gun handling and gain confidence in shooting your handgun.

If you do not yet have your own handgun, rental handguns are available for a $10 fee from our range desk, but you’ll be better served by learning with the gun you expect to carry or shoot on a regular basis.

Our Firearm Fundamentals class focuses on building your skills with:

–A quick review of safety rules and storage;

–Getting you more comfortable with handling, operating, and shooting your own handgun;

–Improving your aim and getting shots to hit where you expect;

–Smoother trigger operation and more trigger time with instructor oversight;

--Understanding reloading with simple magazine changes (for pistols) or speedloaders (for revolvers).

All in a safe and fun environment! 


With our instructors' experience in teaching and hands-on training, you can be confident that the training you'll receive is among the best in the industry.

Important to Know...

1) This class is for those who have prior handgun experience only! You must have already taken our Firearm Foundations class, or have had similar previous experience. If not, sign up and attend either our Firearm Foundations or Firearm Foundations: Ladies Only session BEFORE taking this class.  If you are unsure whether you’re ready for this class, contact our range desk before signing up. 

2) You should understand all the controls on YOUR handgun and be familiar with its safe operation.

3)  This IS NOT a "draw-from-holster" class.  Shots will be fired from low-ready or high-compressed ready positions.

Materials required:

1) You will need to bring your own handgun (UNLOADED) AND two (2) unloaded magazines (if pistol). For revolver, bring at least one (1) speed loader.


We recommend a semiautomatic pistol chambered in the calibers of either 22 LR, 32 ACP, 380 ACP,  30 Super Carry, or 9 mm (larger calibers are fine if you can shoot them effectively), or a revolver chambered in the calibers of 22 LR, 22 WMR (Win. Magnum Rimfire), 32 H&R, 327 Federal Magnum, 9mm, or 38 SPL (larger calibers are ok if you can shoot them effectively). 

If you do not have your own handgun, we can provide one for you to use for an additional ten dollars ($10), plus the cost of ammunition.  You will need to choose a gun that has two magazines available for it.

Please note!  Unlike our Intro classes, you must be able to load your magazines yourself.  A magazine loader such as an Uplula loader can greatly help you load your magazines easier and faster!  We strongly recommend getting one of these before the class.  Magazine loaders are available for purchase in our retail store.  Some guns do come with a magazine loader when purchased new, if so please bring it.

2) Plan on shooting a minimum of 100 rounds of range ammunition (FMJ) for your handgun.  Ammunition can be purchased from our range desk at competitive prices.

3) We recommend that you bring your own eye and ear protection--electronic shooting muffs are preferred.  Electronic hearing protection is very reasonable to purchase these days and you’ll have a better experience.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT ONLINE TODAY-- these events fill up quickly.  In order to provide quality attention to our students, we have a fixed number of available seats.

Course Length: Usually about 60-90 minutes.  

Check Dates for Available Courses, If Date Does Not Appear In Drop Down Menu It Has Been Filled

*****IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class to complete waivers at our range desk*****NOTE: DUE TO VERY LIMITED CLASS SIZE, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP FOR CLASS!  IF YOU SIGN UP, SHOW UP!

 Late arrivals: Due to safety considerations and important safety training, late arrivals will not be seated, but allowed to attend the next available class.


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Participant Comments:

"Fantastic.  Learned so much.  Have more confidence.  [Doug] is wonderful.  Gives very helpful information and patient." --Sandy L.

"***** Five stars!  Loved it!  Great clear instruction." --Casie F.

"Great experience, expert instruction, personal attention." --David B.

"Awesome experience; I can now have a more purposeful time when I go to the firing range.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable, best instructor I've ever had for firearms."  --David S.

"This class was great for me.  I actually feel more comfortable in the different drills--applying them to real life.  Instructor was great; very informative and helpful." --Lisa S.

"Clear instructions.  Covers good basics.  [Gary was] pleasant, professional." -- B.P

"Excellent trainer who was able to diagnose my shooting errors and correct them, resulting in improved skills.  [Doug had] very good command of the information, which helped me to feel comfortable with training.  He was very helpful in diagnosing my problem with shooting, which others had been unable to do for over 20 years!" --Al. P.

"Beyond my expectations.  I thought this was going to be mostly classroom--glad it was not.  Doug was top notch.  He made me feel comfortable and not threatened.  A joy to learn with Doug."  --Mike R.

"Fabulous and informative!  [Doug] was very thorough."  --Christie D.

"Great and efficient learning.  Doug was knowledgeable and motivated.  Gary was approachable and considerate on all questions." --Richie X.

"Very good.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  [Doug was] very clear." --Dave B.

"Great experience.  [Gary was] very helpful." --Kathy M.

"Very positive.  Was a bit apprehensive as I hadn't fired a pistol in nearly 50 years, but was quickly calmed by my instructor.  [Doug was] very thorough." --Ernst vH.

"Great for exercises and information."  --Sushil J.

"Excellent!  Looking forward to Handgun 3.0.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable & helpful."  --Joseph F.

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7/15 5pm-7pm, 7/31 5pm-7pm

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  1. Joshua Waggoner (verified owner)

    Great class!!! Garry did a GREAT job. I consider myself a component shooter. Have done some USPSA shooting in the past. Garry was able to help me tighten up the grouping. My wife is a new shooter and she GREATLY benefited from this class. We are not excited to take 3.0

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