AR-15 3.0

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AR 3.0 is the next step in developing crucial rifle-handling skills that you need to know now, to help you prevail in an armed, self-defense encounter!

You'll develop greater confidence in your gun handling and shooting.

It's an opportunity to learn about and immediately put into practice:

  • Understanding and employing the defensive mindset;
  • Continued emphasis on safety;
  • Presenting your rifle from rest to ready for defensive purposes;
  • Shooting and reloading;
  • Working through malfunctions.

Our instructors will explain critical goals and show you how to get there.  This is a tailored approach, providing options to the students, based on physicality and preferences, with recommended processes if not previously adopted.


You should be familiar with the safe operation of your rifle and have had practice in shooting it! 

Your rifle must be zeroed before coming to class. Please be aware that we have a 25 yard range. A rifle zeroed to anything other than that will require adjustment in your sight hold.

You must have successfully taken these classes as provided by us:

  1. Introduction to AR-15
  2. AR 2.0

If you have not taken the classes listed above, but have other experience you believe might qualify you for eligibility for this class, please provide your name and contact information to: [email protected].  An instructor will contact you to help assess your experience before you sign up for a class for which you might be ill-prepared.

Materials needed: You will need to bring the following:

  1. A quality rifle with sling.
  2. Two (2) or more, 30 round magazines, or Three (3) 20 round magazines.
  3. A quality gun belt that firmly supports your holstered gun and magazines. You will need a pouch for at least two AR magazines on your belt.
  4. Tools for adjusting electronic optics or iron sights (if needed)
  5. Personal eye and ear protection; electronic ear protection works better for this class;
  6. Pen and paper for note taking;
  7. 250 rounds of range ammunition in the proper caliber for your rifle; ammunition is available for purchase at our range counter.

Class Duration: Up to four hours +/-  Classroom lecture and live-fire drills on our training range!

Cost: only $79

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6/28 4pm-7pm

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  1. David Edwards (verified owner)

    AR 3.0 was a great class. We started out with precision marksmanship then worked on various malfunction and reloading drills, including several threat reaction and combat accuracy drills as well. Steve Hogan is a genuinely phenomenal teacher, I’d recommend this course and any other course taught by Steve to anyone trying to increase their skills and abilities behind a gun.

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