KY Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License Course (CCDW)


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If you're considering obtaining your Kentucky CCDW permit, now's the time! Classes are held in our conference room and our state-of-the-art indoor ranges.

The cost is $99.  The material covered is serious, but the class is as entertaining, fast-paced, and enjoyable as possible.  Class starts promptly, so be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early!

You must pay online with your credit card to ensure your seat!


These days a lot of people are asking "Why bother with a CCDW license when Kentucky has instituted 'Constitutional Carry'?"

That's a fair question, but here's a few points to consider...

  • The purpose of a class with a state-licensed and KSP-approved CCDW instructor is not only to teach you principles of marksmanship.  It informs you about laws regarding the possession of and employment of firearms in a self-defense situation as well as many other considerations.  This is critically important information.
  • There are also advantages when traveling to or through some states.  States offering reciprocity with regard to a concealed carry permit from another state are under no obligation to recognize other "constitutional carry" states in lieu of a permit.
  • The purchase of a firearm from a KY firearms dealer is generally streamlined by the possession of a valid KY CCDW license.
  • Please note that the Kentucky concealed-carry laws apply to all deadly weapons, not just firearms, and Kentucky clearly defines what constitutes a deadly weapon.  For example, a blackjack, sap, or brass knuckles are considered deadly weapons, but not a "hunting knife" per se.
  • In the event you wind up in court because of defending yourself, would you rather face this experience as a Kentucky-licensed concealed carry deadly weapons license holder who has a record of training regarding relevant Kentucky statutes, and training in firearms marksmanship, passed a written test and a live-fire qualification, or not?


We conduct our Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Course in accordance with guidelines and regulations as approved by the Kentucky State Police.


We typically offer the course on a Saturday or Sunday in one, six-hour classroom session, followed by written test, firearm and ammunition inspection, and then live-fire range qualification, however back-to-back weeknight sessions may be offered (you must attend both).

  • For the KY Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Course, you will need:
  • Government-issued Photo ID, such as a Kentucky Driver's License--THIS WILL BE CHECKED!  You must be at least age 21 and a current Kentucky resident. 
  • Handgun -- MUST BE UNLOADED and encased in a container, bag, or holster.
  • Magazine (if applicable) -- MUST BE UNLOADED 
  • At Least 50 Rounds of FACTORY AMMUNITION (Hand-loads or Reloads are not authorized)
  • Ammunition is available for purchase on site at Buds Gun Shop & Range

For questions email: [email protected]

Course Length: 6 hours classroom plus brief break for lunch, then open-book written exam, firearm and ammunition inspection and live-fire range qualification.  Please consider bringing a sweater or light jacket as classroom temperature will be cool.  You must be on time for this class.  Check the start time and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start of class.   Stair-access only to our 2nd-floor classroom.

Course Location: Buds Gun Shop and Range, 1105 Industry Rd, Lexington, KY 40505. Buds is closed on Sundays, but Buds' personnel will meet you at a side door when classes are held on Sundays.

Class Time: Days and hours availability are posted in the drop-down menus above.

Cost: $99.

*You must sign up for the class online as each course date fills up quickly.  When you sign up, if you are paying for additional people besides yourself, OR paying for another person to attend, please provide those names in the "Ship to a Different Address: Order Notes" section of your order.  Also, two or three days before the class, begin checking your e-mail inbox for an important informational message specific to the date of the class you will be attending.  If you don't see it, check your junk folder too.

Click for Bud's Gun Shop KY Cancellation Policies

Customer Reviews:

"Very informative.  Felt like we covered many different aspects of firearm use.  I would not want to own a firearm without taking this class.  Doug and Jason were phenomenal.  Very knowledgeable, great speakers, the day actually flew by."  --Jessica C.

"Absolutely great!  Very informative and professional.  Would recommend for anyone!  Superb command of subject matter and presentation." --Matthew W.

"10/10; excellent!"  --Dennis S.

"I'm new to firearms; this class was very informative.  I feel more comfortable with my firearm after taking this course.  Doug was very professional and knowledgeable on all topics discussed."  --Savanah C.

"Wonderful & knowledgeable, instructor [Doug] was awesome.  I learned a lot; lots of interaction and interesting."  --Allison P.

"I had a good experience with the class today.  The instructor [Doug] had an excellent grasp of the material and was a strong presenter."  --Kevin R.

"Very informative!  [Doug was] very knowledgeable and able to answer any question."  --Levi H.

"Overall experience amazing; 10/10.  [Doug displayed] expert knowledge." --Leslie B.

"Extremely thorough.  The day flew by considering the huge amount of information presented.  [Doug had] complete command of subject matter and the flawless ability in communicating information."  --George P.

"Great, informative, easy to follow and retain.  Doug was very knowledgeable with some humor."  --Kelly C.

"This was a great experience!  [Doug and Jason] were knowledgeable, great communicators, and made the material accessible and fun."  --Melissa P.

"It was very informative, concise, and presented useful information on many of the grey areas and confusing aspects of carrying a concealed weapon.  Doug was not only informative and concise, but he was thorough in his discussion, very friendly and approachable, and an excellent instructor."  --Raven P.

"Great experience, learned a lot.  So glad I did it.  [Doug was] well organized and very articulate.  Made sure we understood all the topics."  --Petra D.

"Very well presented; teaching adult classes is difficult and Doug handled it very well.  He showed great in-depth knowledge and consistent presentation."  -Shad S.

"Very educational.  [Doug was] expert and was extremely knowledgeable."  --Daron M.

"Great experience overall.  Doug and JR covered the subject matter well and made the process a breeze." --Derek L.

"It was well organized, instructed, and instructor was thorough with material.  Doug is very knowledgeable on subject matter, and a great communicator of material." --Jack B.

"Very cool and learned a lot of information.  Doug was excellent.  I'm very lucky he was my instructor." --Jacob B.

"Excellent class.  Excellent speaker--quality information; knew his stuff.  Presentation was very, very good!"--James C.

"Very informative and thorough.  Doug presented the material and kept me interested the entire time, thoroughly going over the information, allowing us to ask questions and keeping the class involved.  JR did great at showing the class how to clean guns and get us laughing."  --Bradley W.

"Very happy.  Great legal overview and well organized.  [Doug is] expert."  --Andrew R.

"I've learned a lot.  [Doug] explained and broke things down the best way possible."  --Damon C.

"The class was very effective and I learned a lot.  [Doug] answered every question asked."  --Rhonda D.

"Very informative--excellent instructors.  [Doug and JR] know what they are doing." --Robert W.

"Positive, very good instructor, very detailed experience.  [Doug was] super knowledgeable."  --Jacob A.

"Very professional, structured, but relaxed and extremely interesting.  [Doug had] excellent command of subject matter.  Clear.  Concise.  Relaxed."  --Kellie M.

"I liked the setup of the course, much more involved and organized compared to other states conceal carry classes.  [Doug] did very well with presenting material--concise and clear."  --Chelsie G.

"Excellent--exceeded my expectations!  [Doug was] extremely competent--interesting also.  A real pro." --Dave J.

"Amazing experience; very knowledgeable." --Haley T.

"I think it was a very informative class and I learned valuable information.  [Doug] was very knowledgeable and kept my interest."  --Julie L.

"Very informative.  Mr. Ramsey did an awesome job explaining everything."  --Joseph W.

"Awesome; very well taught.  [The instructors] made the class very fun." --Zach R.

"The class was fun and informative.  Very easily understandable and the instructors did a great job at keeping us engaged while learning the course."  --Sean C.

"It was very informative.  [Doug] spoke confidently and presented the material in a timely manner."  --Cesar A.

"It was very good.  [Doug and Jason] were excellent." --Curtis F.

"Great experience.  Very knowledgeable instructors.  The law side was eye opening." --Scott M.

"An amazing class and learned so much about handguns that I didn't know.  [Doug was] flawless."  --Kevin C.

"Overall good experience; clearly covered basics.  [Doug had] very strong command of subject matter."  --Jackson B.

"It was very informative and interesting.  Doug was very knowledgeable and JR made gun cleaning fun!"--Jacqueline B.

"Great, very engaging and informative and made you feel like there were no stupid questions.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable, entertaining, and hands-on." --Kennedy E.

"Well done; appreciate the effort put into it.  Doug and JR do a great job balancing the class."  --Kristine M.

"The teachers were great; overall great experience and they taught very well."  --Mindy B.

"Amazing!  Professional service and guidance.  Doug is an expert in his field.  Happy to have him as an instructor." --Ren C.

"Very informative and good.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable." --Rushdan N.

"Very good information, they did a good job explaining.  [Doug and JR] had very good knowledge."  --Kelly A.

"Long, but very well worth it.  [Doug] knew what he was teaching, very inclusive of comments and questions."  --Zachary G.

"Excellent class; couldn't be better."  -- Mark K.

"[Doug] was very clear and decisive with his lessons." --Steven D.

"Very good and well put together class.  [Doug was] excellent.  Very informative as it relates to law." --John R.

"I took the course August 6.  Thank you for an excellent training experience. I've been shooting handguns, including hunting, since 1982, qualified with .45 pistol in the military, had concealed carry permits in both Virginia and West Virginia for the last approximately 20 years, and took the NRA Basic Pistol Course 6 years ago.   But I am educated, and the main thing I have learned is how to learn, so I went into this course intending to learn whatever new stuff I could.   And I sure did learn some stuff, mainly the Kentucky and reciprocal aspects of concealed carry, but also some techniques of shooting.  Also, it was very easy to apply online with the KY State Police application wizard.  Definitely worth the extra $10.  Thanks again."--Joe M.

(See more reviews below)

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6/29 9am-7pm

12 reviews for KY Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License Course (CCDW)

  1. Cathy Morgan (verified owner)

    I took the CCDW class today 11/7/2021. This is the 4th class I have taken with Buds! I started with intro to handguns after which I purchased my 1st handgun. Then I took 3 personal training classes with Dave Gross he was very knowledgeable and helped me become less anxious in the presence of a firearm! I was enjoying it so much that I then purchased my first rifle. Tonight I completed my CCDW with Doug & JR it was an excellent and informative class and at the end of the range test they told me I had 1 of the best groupings of the night! Not bad for a 58 year old woman who has always been terrified of guns! I owe it all to Dave!!!

  2. Jimmy Salyers (verified owner)

    My daughter and I took the class yesterday. Doug and JR did a wonderful job of presenting the information in a professional but fun environment. They made sure no question went unanswered, thus everyone was ready for the written exam. The range test at the end was broken down into small groups, making for a less stressful environment. I highly recommend this class, and especially these two instructors, to anyone looking into obtaining their conceal carry permit.

  3. ROGER SHEPHERD (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the 09/26/21 class yesterday with Doug and J.R. Extremely informative and smooth. Even with Constitutional Carry in the state of KY, it is recommended to have training.

  4. James Yonel (verified owner)

    Class was really fun! Marty did an excellent job at explaining everything to us. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about fire arms safety. Would definitely recommend that you take this class. You won’t regret it!!

  5. Chasity Noel

    Marty was fantastic at explaining everything that came with gun usage and safety. He kept my attention at all times. I enjoyed the class over all. He also repeatedly gave his number and told us to call for any questions regards to gun handling which in my case (considering I’m not distinguished in the gun area) is a very helpful and awesome thing to do for women like me!
    Thanks Marty for hosting a great class!

  6. GY (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this class. Video a little long, but instructor Marty Wells keeps the class entertained and teaches real life scenarios.

  7. Kelly (verified owner)

    Looking forward to class saturday

  8. Roger

    I took the class on Saturday very informative class. Marty keeps the class interesting with everyday situations. Very nice set up with a one stop location take the class and range in one building. If you are not comfortable with your shooting he offered you to come back with help for free. He makes sure you leave their understanding the class. I would recommend this class to anyone look to get their CCDW class.

  9. Vanessa

    This was a great class. Very informative and serious but fun. Marty was great and will make sure everything is understood. He is very helpful through the whole process and wants to make sure you succeed in the class and outside of the classroom in real life situations.

  10. Christian Reisch

    Excellent class and excellent instructors in a top notch, comfortable facility! I would highly recommend to anyone considering getting there CCDW license. The class was diverse from every perspective be it male, female, black, white, young (just over 21, since you must be 21) to elderly. there were over 40 participants in my class and everyone was made to feel comfortable. Marty Wells and JR do an excellent job of covering all of the material and making sure everyone has been taught the information they need to pass the test, if they paid attention. The shooting portion was done indoors at Bud’s top notch shooting facility.

  11. Thurston H

    Marty Wells did an excellent job teaching the class and relating everything to real life experiences. Many of the students in the class never shot or owned a gun before, he took all the time needed to help everyone from the most experienced to the non-experienced. He and JR stayed late to help my daughter with her shooting to insure she was ready for the real world. Excellent job highly recommended.

  12. phil leveridge (verified owner)

    Great overview of the regulations, do’s/do not’s, and mind set needed for CCDW. The instruction team were professional and the class was very well organized.

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