Church Safety and Security Seminar

Buds Gun Shop & Range - Church Safety and Security Seminar

Our Director of Education & Training addresses house-of-worship safety and security concerns with a FREE seminar offering an overview of best practices to help you begin to structure a plan that considers a variety of scenarios–and how to implement the plan you devise. Cost: FREE!

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Defensive Handgun Skills I

Buds Gun Shop & Range - Defensive Handgun Skills I

You have a handgun, a holster, magazines, and maybe your concealed carry license. All set to go, right? Wait a minute—what about mindset, awareness, and skills to defend against deadly threats? Our “Defensive Handgun Skills I” class will teach you primary skills you need to know now to help you prevail in an armed, self-defense […]

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Firearms “Open House Q&A” For Women

Buds Gun Shop & Range - Firearms "Open House Q&A" For Women

Everyone has questions about firearms, how to operate, how to purchase, how to carry, and more: “How do I know if I’m choosing the right gun?” “Should I have one gun for home protection and a different gun for personal carry?” “As a woman, which method is best for me to carry my handgun?” “How […]

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Rugged Suppressors MP5 Challenge

                Come out to shoot a suppressed full-auto MP5 for a chance to win a Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9! The most accurate shooter will win an Obsidian 9! (Retail value of $799. Winner is liable for all applicable taxes including transfer tax. Must be 21 to win.) $25 […]

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Mini-Seminar: Self-Defense Ammunition

Why is some ammunition marketed as “self-defense ammuntion” as opposed to range or practice ammo? Which brand of self-defense ammunition is right for me and my gun? If you’ve wondered about those questions, then check out our next Facebook Live Event set for Friday, June 15th at 10 am with counselor Jonathan Burgher. Jonathan will […]

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Pre-owned Firearms—Mini Seminar

“Pre-owned Firearms”—Mini Seminar

Friday, June 1st at 10 am, be sure to stop by our retail store for a FREE Facebook Live Event with Gurney, our pre-owned firearms buyer. He’ll discuss what’s hot in the pre-owned firearms market and advise you about the various factors that play into his decision whether to purchase a gun. He’ll also describe […]

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Mini Seminar: Magazine-Loading Techniques

magazine loading techniques

In another of our Facebook Live! mini-seminars, Range Instructor Daniel Mays will discuss easier and quicker ways for you to load your magazines. Whether for pistols or rifles, Daniel will offer suggestions that will certainly help you at your range sessions, or just in case you have to manually load rounds in a hurry! Drop […]

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Smith & Wesson Sales Event

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