Women’s Handgun 2.0

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Thousands of women have learned firearms safe-handling procedures, while discovering how much fun it is to shoot handguns in our Introduction to Handgun—Women Only sessions.

Now, due to high demand, Buds Gun Shop & Range is offering the next logical step in your firearms education: Women’s Handgun 2.0!

In our Introduction to Handgun—Women Only course, you learned firearms safety and the basics for how to properly hold, grip, sight, and shoot .22 caliber handguns.

That’s great—and you’ve made it clear to us that you’ve loved this experience (see our reviews), but you want and need more. We’re here to help!

Our Women’s Handgun 2.0 course is designed to teach you:

1) a review of firearms safety rules and storage;

2) to be more comfortable with handling, operating, and shooting your handgun;

3) more about aiming your gun and getting shots to hit where you want;

4) smoother trigger operation and more trigger time with instructor oversight;

5) understanding reloading with simple magazine changes (for pistols) or speedloaders (for revolvers);

6) a defensive mindset–we discuss the defensive mindset, your attitude and intuition, and when you are justified in utilizing deadly force.

All in a safe and fun environment!


Important Prerequisites!

1) This class is for those who have prior handgun experience only. You must have already taken our Introduction to Handgun class, or have similar experience. If not, sign up and attend either our Introduction to Handgun or Introduction to Handgun—Women Only session BEFORE taking this class.

2) You should understand basic controls on YOUR handgun and be familiar with safe operation.

Materials required:

1) You will need to bring your own handgun (UNLOADED) and unloaded magazines or speedloaders.

We recommend a semiautomatic pistol chambered in the calibers of either .32 ACP, .380 ACP, or 9 mm (larger calibers are fine, if you can shoot them effectively), or a revolver chambered in the calibers of .22 WMR (Win. Mag. Rimfire), .32 H&R, .327 Federal Magnum, 9mm, or .38 SPL (larger calibers are ok if you can shoot them effectively).  IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT BRING A GUN WITH WHICH YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR OR HAVE NEVER FIRED!

If you do not have your own handgun, we can provide one for you to use for an additional ten dollars ($10), plus the cost of ammunition.

2) You will need at least two (2) magazines for your pistol or one (1) speedloader for your revolver.

Please note!  A magazine loader such as an Uplula loader can greatly help you load your magazines easier and faster!  We strongly recommend getting one of these before the class.  These are available in our retail store for purchase.

3) You need 50 to 100 rounds of range ammunition for your handgun.

Ammunition may be purchased from our range desk at competitive prices.

4) We recommend that you bring your own eye and ear protection–electronic shooting muffs are preferred. However, if you do not yet own your own muffs, we can provide a non-electronic model.

Reserve your spot online today, as this session is limited to only eight participants!

Class Duration: 90 minutes on our training range; 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign range waivers.

Only $25. Limited spaces for this class–sign up now!



“Super helpful and made me feel confident in shooting.  Instructors were awesome!”  –Haley M.

“Loved it!  Educational and positive.   [Instructors were] outstanding.”  –Katherine W.

“Very helpful in getting ‘to know’ my gun!  Kevin and Doug are excellent instructors.”  — Darlene T.

“Very positive, thorough educational material.  Instructors were patient, professional, and informative.”  –Bailey A.

“It was very helpful in improving technique.  Both [instructors] were very informative, helpful and patient.”  — Diana S.

“[Women’s Handgun 2.0] was fantastic; confidence improved.  [Instructors’ command of subject was] expert.  Kevin and Doug are the best.” — Stephanie L.

“Loved it.  Great class and instructors.  [Instructors were] excellent!”  — Noreen M.

“I feel much better about owning a gun after this class.  It made me feel comfortable and in control.  The instructors are wonderful and do a great job presenting the information.” — Heather L.

“It’s an awesome class to learn about self-defense and safety for women.  Doug and Kevin were patient and knowledgeable!”  — Dalia S.

“Great class; instructors make you feel very comfortable.  [They were] very knowledgeable and take subject matter seriously.”  — Claudia M.

“[Experience in class was] excellent.  [Instructors were] excellent.”  — Marta J.

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