Vehicular Self-Defense

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Vehicles can provide a measure of safety in self-defense situations–if you know how to utilize the vehicle and how to correctly employ weapons in and around the vehicular environment.

Whether the most tactical thing you do is drive your daily commute, or you live in a high-speed, low-drag world, our “Vehicular Self-Defense” training is geared to law enforcement, armed security services, and civilians, and teaches effective, defensive use of your vehicle throughout a variety of realistic scenarios.

Concepts and exercises explored in “Vehicular Self-Defense”:

1) mindset and situational awareness;

2) escaping or defending in road-rage incidents;

3) understanding when to exit the vehicle, how to exit, and when not to;

4) exploiting vehicle features that work as concealment and cover;

5) best methods of pistol carry within a vehicle;

6) drawing your handgun and shooting from multiple positions within a vehicle;

7) what to do when you can’t draw a gun;

8) reacting to attempted car-jackings;

9) atm / bank / drive-thru muggings;

10) storing your firearm within the vehicle during travel.


Important Prerequisites!

1) This class is for those who have prior handgun experience only! You must have already taken our Defensive Handgun Skills class, or have had a similar experience (if unsure, please inquire before signing up for class:

If not, sign up and attend Defensive Handgun Skills BEFORE taking this class.

2) You should already be very familiar with basic controls on YOUR handgun and understand and practice safe operation of your handgun.

3) This class has a moderate degree of physical activity. Participants must be able to enter and exit a vehicle multiple times, while adopting various shooting positions.

Materials required:

1) You will need to bring YOUR OWN HANDGUN (UNLOADED) and unloaded magazines or speedloaders.

We recommend a semiautomatic pistol chambered in the calibers of 380 ACP, 9 mm, 357 SIG, 40 SW, or 45 ACP. Double-action revolvers can be used (22 magnum, 327 Federal, 9 mm, 38 spl, 357 magnum, 44 special, or 45 ACP), but semi-auto preferred.

2) A holster made expressly for your handgun—leather or kydex (no nylon)–of sufficient quality to be able to repeatedly draw and re-holster with one hand. No holsters permitted where the firearm muzzle faces rearward, or if your draw would sweep other participants—SAFETY FIRST!

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