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The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it.  The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need in order to be alerted to dangerous situations, and to avoid becoming a victim–it can help you live smarter and be safer!

The Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class.  It’s a comprehensive seminar that will help you improve personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life.

A variety of topics will be covered in this broad-based survey, including: Mental Preparedness, Home Security, Physical Security, Travel Security, Cyber Security, Psychology of Criminal Predators, Personal Defense Devices and more!

Don’t be an easy target!  When criminals realize they have a chance to commit a crime, they seize the opportunity.

Buds’ NRA-certified instructors Doug Ramsey and Daniel Mays will be leading this fast-paced program held in our second-floor classroom.

Prerequisites: None.  The seminar is open to men and women of all ages (children age 14 or older)–and all you need to bring is a desire to establish a safety strategy for you and your family!

Materials required: All seminar materials are provided with your attendance fee.

Seminar Duration: Three hours.

Cost: $19 per person.

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04/20/19: 9am – 12pm

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