Pre-owned Firearms—Mini Seminar

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A FREE Facebook Live Event with Gurney, our pre-owned firearms buyer. He’ll discuss what’s hot in the pre-owned firearms market and advise you about the various factors that play into his decision whether to purchase a gun. He’ll also describe the process when he offers to buy YOUR gun.

There are always tons of great reasons to visit our retail showroom, but never more so than right now for special deals on the largest selection of pre-owned firearms in the area.

Gurney has brought in an amazing array of handguns, rifles and shotguns—with new arrivals every single day, and all available for your inspection! When you find one you like, our counselors will gladly explain the features and benefits of that unique firearm, and you can even test-fire it before you buy for only $10*--your $10 is immediately refunded if you buy that firearm the same day!

Don’t forget, every purchase of a pre-owned gun also qualifies you for a FREE, 30-minute range session to run your hand-picked choice through its paces. Knowing your gun is good-to-go is always a confidence booster and these guns feature a 30-DAY repair warranty.

LOOK for the yellow tags throughout our 12,000 square-foot showroom and you’ll know you’re looking at one of super, pre-owned gun deals. Take advantage of available 30 and 90-day layaway plans too for items $300 and up—just make sure that unique firearm doesn’t get away!

Just in case you can’t make it to our store, be sure to view our Facebook pages for this Facebook LIVE event!

Please feel free to watch our video below and be sure to go to the Buds gun shop youtube page for additional free training.


*Excepting rare or unusual items.

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