Practice Session: Shoot | No-Shoot



Shoot / No-shoot Practice Session

Building on our series of training and practice sessions, our Shoot / No-Shoot session is a real blast!

This special PRACTICE session will give you the opportunity to train your mind of whether to draw, and then if you draw and fire, you’ll get much-needed practice in this skill too.

Our special turn-target system enhances and builds your ability in this supervised practice session.

You may choose to wear your carry-concealed garment or practice shooting from open-carry.

You must advise our Range Officer how you will be practicing before the session begins.

Be sure to get this in your shopping cart before all slots are taken!

NOTE: We must have a minimum of five participant sign-ups before a session is held, with a maximum of ten participants.

This session is NOT an instructed training class, it is a supervised practice session.  For those who already have previous training and experience in drawing from holster, you may do so at this practice session.  For those who do not have previous holster and draw training, you can still participate in this session by utilizing a firearm from the low-ready position.  You must adhere to all safety rules and decisions by our Range Safety Officer are final.  If you need instruction in drawing from your holster, please sign up for our Draw From Holster-Training class first!

Prerequisite:  You must be a graduate of our “Draw From Holster” Training class, OR an experienced or vetted individual who is admitted with Range Officer / Instructor permission, OR you can practice in this session without draw training or a holster by utilizing a “low-ready” position.

Materials needed: Bring your handgun and holster, or your personal handgun.  Alternatively, you can rent a handgun at our range rental counter.  Ammunition is available at our range counter as well.  Targets are provided and eye and ear protection if you don’t have it, although electronic hearing is recommended.


COST: $19

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