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Daniel served in the United States Army as an MP (31B Military Police) and was deployed in Iraq from 2010-2011. While in the military he attended numerous firearms training schools and received training in Personal Security Detail and Quick Reaction Force. Daniel is a certified NRA pistol instructor, Refuse To Be A Victim instructor, certified Chief Range Safety Officer, and KY CCDW instructor.






As a member of the Marine Corps, John served multiple combat deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and on-ship as a Fire Direction Controlman, Operations Chief, Forward Observer, and with Embedded Training Teams. His training includes multiple special training packages for combat marksmanship, combat trauma medic, combat water survival, a black belt in mixed martial arts, and Marine Corps shooting instruction for rifle and pistol.







  • Individual: $60/hr
  • Pair (2): $99/hr
  • Individual 3-Lesson Private Handgun Training: $149.00
  • Individual 5-Lesson Private Handgun Training: $219.00



  • Two-Hour Instruction – Up to Five (5) Family Members

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3 thoughts on “Personal Firearm Instruction”
  1. Morgan Shadeh says:

    I had a private session with Zach and he was beyond helpful. He made the learning experience fun and easy and really took the time to help me where I struggled. I’d definitely recommend one on one time with an instructor.

  2. Stephen Smith says:

    For 25 years I foolishly believe I could learn all I need to from books, videos and Youtube. After 1 lesson with Zack I realize that I was being a stubborn old man. If you want to reach a higher level of skill with your self defense, you will find it with Zach. I look forward to future lessons.
    Steve “old dog, new trick” Smith

  3. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    Never having touched a handgun at age 65, my first lesson with Zach was great. His guidance (and a laser sight) produced phenomal accuracy from me. Highly recommend. Will have another lesson with him and thinking of purchasing the gun he chose for me to start with!

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