Mini-Seminar: Self-Defense Ammunition


Why is some ammunition marketed as “self-defense ammuntion” as opposed to range or practice ammo? Which brand of self-defense ammunition is right for me and my gun?

If you’ve wondered about those questions, then check out our next Facebook Live Event set for Friday, June 15th at 10 am with counselor Jonathan Burgher.

Jonathan will be at our Lexington retail store over in our high-grade shotgun room near our LE counter to exhibit and discuss several different kinds of self-defense ammunition —be sure to drop by!

He’ll touch on various aspects of feet-per-second & terminal ballistics, the recoil impulse, calibers, and bullet weights. Jonathan will also talk about various bullet designs and +P ratings. When you come, be “armed” with questions! He’ll gladly answer as many questions as possible.

Write it down: Friday, June 15th 10 am at Buds Gun Shop & Range—see you there!


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