Long Gun Safety (AR-15 and Shotgun)

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A FREE classroom session for all who are NEW to long guns like the AR-15 or shotguns.

**PLEASE NOTE:  If no classes are available,

or if you feel more comfortable watching a video,

see the embedded video for the same FREE class presentation:

Long Gun Safety Course from Buds Gun Shop on Vimeo.

This is not live-fire shooting instruction, but simply to help you feel more comfortable if you are considering owning a long gun, or have made a recent purchase.

What you will learn:

1) understanding and employing the safety rules;

2) correct steps for loading and unloading AR-15 and shotguns;

3) understanding parts and controls on these guns;

4) how to grip the firearm properly;

5) understanding how to use the sights.

Plus, we offer information about how guns can be utilized, how to talk about them with family and friends, and we’ll answer questions as time permits.

Reserve your spot online today.

Class Duration: 30 minutes.

FREE! Limited spaces for this class–sign up now!

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