Intro to Handgun: For Women Only

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Only $20.  For this class, you must pay in advance with a credit card.  Unpaid orders for seating will not be honored.

Our Introduction to Handgun: For Women Only course is geared towards women who are new to handgun shooting and interested in learning gun safety fundamentals and basic operation.

This Fun and Exciting 2-hour course focuses on:

–Basic Firearms Safety

–Getting familiar with the parts and operation of handguns

–Holding, gripping, aiming, and trigger press

–Considerations of using a handgun

The first portion of class occurs in our classroom, where participants will learn firearms safety rules, parts of handguns, and begin to learn how to shoot a handgun.

We spend the second half of the course on our private, climate-controlled indoor range.  Here we preview five .22  LR handguns that are great for beginners.  Each participant will get to choose three to try!

This is a perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shooting without the recoil of the larger calibers.

With our certified instructors’ experience in training and teaching, you can be confident that you will receive training and information among the best in the industry.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT ONLINE TODAY as these events fill up quickly and we have a fixed number of available seats in order to provide the student to instructor ratio allowing us to provide quality attention to our students.


Course Length: 2 hrs

Course Location: Bud’s Gun Shop and Range, 1105 Industry Rd, Lexington, KY 40505

Check Dates for Available Courses, If Date Does Not Appear In Drop Down Menu It Has Been Filled


Class Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

*****IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before 6 pm to complete waivers*****


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Customer Reviews:

“Amazing!  [Gary was] fantastic!  — Megan I.

“[Class was] great!  [Gary was] super engaging and knowledgeable.”  — Aubrey R.

“It was great.  Very informative and instructor [Gary] kept our attention.  He was very knowledgeable and entertaining.” — Jacqueline G.

“Interactive; instructor was fun.  [Gary was] very knowledgeable.”  –Kristen D.

“Loved it!  I feel more confident handling my own guns.  Gary was very clear, confident, and knowledgeable!”  –Robin N.

“Great info & instruction on how to handle guns safely.  Instructor [Gary] 10/10.”  –Karen G.

“The class was very informative and helpful. It was exactly what I needed to feel more comfortable with buying my own gun. Doug was great–gave good tips and made the class enjoyable!” –Ashely N.

“It was very interesting, informative for first time.  [Gary was] very knowledgeable and confident.”  — Lisa E.

“Loved it!  It was fun!  Daniel made it fun and interesting; he was awesome!  –Tammi W.

“Awesome.  Straightforward and answered all questions honestly [Gary].”  –Morgan S.

“It was very informative and gave me confidence.  Presentation was very informative and presented well.”  –Dixie M.

“This class makes me want to continue learning & practicing about gun safety.  I want to become more comfortable handling a gun.  Daniel is very knowledgeable & patient.  He answered all my questions.”  –Hazel H.

“Very informative.  this helps me know what I might want like to do next.  [Daniel] was great!  Made me feel very comfortable.” –Patti C.

“Excellent [class], the instructor really put my anxiety at ease.   Patient, precise, and engaging, Kevin was a great instructor.  He made the class encouraging and calm.” –Kelsi F.

“I enjoyed the experience although I was scared at first actually handling the gun.  Kevin was a great instructor.  He taught me a lot today, especially about safety.”  –Zeph C.

“Great experience.  [Kevin] did a great job.  First time I felt truly comfortable shooting a gun.”  –Desiree W.

“It was perfect.  12 out of 10.”  –Taylor D.

“I loved it! I learned a lot and I feel a lot more comfortable using guns now.   He [Kevin] was so much fun! Very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.” –Rebecca M.

“Great experience.  Learn to keep my damn finger off the trigger when not ready to shoot :).  [Kevin] Love him!!” –Devon P.

“It was excellent!  [Daniel] was very knowledgeable and info was at a great level for a new shooter like me!”–Susan H.

“Fast track to shooting in one class.  1/2 half is theory, 1/2 is actual practice.  [Kevin was] personable, knowledgeable, and sincere about bringing out our best in safety and skill.”  –Elizabeth W.

Really informative!  A+.  [Kevin was] really nice; made me feel comfortable.”  –Sabrina J.

“Very informative, but relaxed atmosphere.  [Kevin was] very knowledgeable about use of handguns, including firing stance, safety and mechanism.”  –Pamela M.

“Loved it!  Kevin was very professional, but entertaining and sympathetic to all our concerns or fears.”  –Marta J.

“Very positive [experience].  Daniel is very personable and knowledgeable.  I feel he is very adept at firearm use and safety.  He was not intimidating and made it easy to learn.”  –Julie S.

“I learned some tips I’d not learned before–it was much better than handing me a gun, putting me on the range and telling me to shoot.  Kevin did a great job.  He kept me engaged!” –Rebekah R.

“Very informative; he [Kevin] was awesome and very knowledgeable.” –Charity P.

“I had an amazing time and learned so much!  Would definitely return and recommend to others.  Excellent instructor [Kevin].  Made everything very clear and was sure that everyone understood what was being taught.  Felt very safe.”  –Katie O.

“Excellent class.  Haven’t handled guns in about 20 years.  Very good presentation and refresher for me.”  –Carol R.

“Great class–great instructor. The instructor was clear, approachable, and safe.” –Karin W.

“Good and very informative and liked the small class size.”  –Emily C.

“[The class] helped me feel more comfortable with a firearm.  [Kevin was] clear, straightforward, informed and relatable.”  –Michelle A.

“Very good!  I feel like I’m on the right path to learning what I need to know as a gun owner.  Kevin seemed very knowledgeable and the class was concise and comfortable.”  –Erin S.

“Very informative and fun!  Doug was great and answered all questions.  He was patient instructing everyone in the classroom and on the range.  After the Intro class, I feel confident to return to the range–thanks!”  –Stephanie L.

“I learned a lot and feel more comfortable with firearms. The instructor was very helpful in teaching basic use and answering questions.” –Casey S.

“Good and informative. [The instructor] had very good command of subject matter. [I’ve been] shooting all my life and I still learned things today.” –Amanda E.

“Great class–made me not scared of guns anymore; excellent presentation.”  –Keisha Z.

“[Kevin was] very helpful, awesome, and made me feel comfortable.  He created a great environment.  Glad we were able to shoot.  Loved his approach: used humor, but not at the expense of the seriousness of the subject matter.” — Gwen S.

“Really great; put me at ease despite being nervous. Learning about guns in the first half was fun. Very strong [command of subject matter and presentation], competent, felt in safe hands.” — A.P.

“I had a great time and the rush was awesome. [Kevin was] a great instructor.” — Jackie G.

“Very insightful [class].  My instructor is very knowledgeable; he was very patient and thorough.” –Anessia N.

“I liked the class and learned a lot. Doug was very knowledgeable–it was everything I needed to know. Same thing he said upstairs was the same thing he showed in the range.” –Mikaili G.

“Exhilarating and informative. [Instructor was] very knowledgeable and made me feel safe and secure. I always wanted to learn about guns and happy with this class–will do again.” –Marley B.

“Great introduction class.  Detailed info presented clearly so it’s easy to understand.  Enough detail to be ready to shoot.  [Kevin was] excellent.  Answered all questions asked with plenty of information.  Detailed, serious but friendly and helpful.”  — Laurie R.

“This class was very informative and helpful.  the instructor was clear and precise on what he expected.”  –Michelle S.

“I enjoyed it, I feel like I learned a lot about the actual mechanics of the gun and how to use it.  [Kevin] did well; I didn’t feel belittled or judged.  It really felt like a safe place to ask questions and learn.”  –Aubree V.

“Very informative and easy to understand for a beginner.  [Kevin] was extremely good at explaining things and was clearly well-educated on the subject matter–made it easy to enjoy.” — Marie W.

“Kevin was knowledgeable and very professional; he was easy to understand.  [The class was] very informative; learned a lot and the shooting was fun.”  –Tiffany M.

“It was an informative class and I learned a lot.  [Kevin] was very knowledgeable and made me more aware of gun safety and handling firearms.”  –Kater R.

“I really enjoyed this class.  The instructor knew the material, had a sense of humor and seemed calm.   I’ve already signed up for a second class at the end of the month.” –Kate W.

“I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of proper handling.  [Kevin] was very funny and serious at the same time, while being very informative.” –Rhonda D.

“I learned a lot.   He [Kevin] was awesome and very easy to understand.” –Vickey F.

“Positive and educational!   [Kevin was] very engaging and informative; highly professional.” –Bailey A.

“10/10–I came into the class nervous, but Kevin helped ease that.  Kevin was serious enough to keep us safe, but funny enough to keep me from crying.”  –Dani C.

“Fun and educational!  Great presentation, [Kevin] explains everything well, very easy to approach with questions.”  –Sara T.

“Wonderful!  Kevin was very clear, educated us well, and kept us all attentive and humored!”  –Hannah E.

“I enjoyed both portions of the class.  I learned quite a bit and alleviated some shooting anxiety.  Kevin was great!  He was personable, entertaining, and very knowledgeable.”  –Madison F.

“I enjoyed it very much and found it informative. Kevin is a master instructor!: –Noelle S.

“I really enjoyed it. [Kevin] was very funny, but taught in a way that made it easy to learn and remember.” — Tori K.

“I enjoyed it and it was good to learn. He [Kevin] did a great job explaining and conveying the importance of gun safety.” — Emily P.

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10/12/20 6pm-8pm, 10/26/20 6pm-8pm, 11/09/20 6pm-8pm

30 thoughts on “Intro to Handgun: For Women Only”
  1. Shirley says:

    Attended this tonight. Kevin was an excellent teacher. I’d never even held a gun. We went through a lot of instruction during the two hours, and each student fired 5 different models to familiarize ourselves with firing as well as help us determine what we like best. With Kevin’s instruction, my every shot hit the target and hit it pretty well. I am so anxious to return and practice what he taught me! Thanks Kevin. Thanks Buds. You took the intimidation factor out of handling and firing a gun.

  2. Stacey says:

    Had a great time at Ladies Night. Kevin is a great instructor, and he is very thorough. Great class for first-timers. I’d never held a gun before this class, and I was very nervous about it, but Kevin really puts your mind at ease. We got to fire several different guns, and a learned proper shooting stance, and how to load out guns. Awesome class, I highly recommend it!

  3. Barbie says:

    Great class and well worth it. I went to the 10-5-15 class and really enjoyed the experience. The instructors were great, thank you Adam for all your help. The atmosphere was both fun and educational. I highly recommend this class. Since the class I purchased my first handgun, and a range membership. The instructors that taught the ladies night class have been just as helpful and friendly on the range, as they were in class. The bad thing is.. I find myself practicing too much. 🙂 Thank you!!

  4. Trish says:

    Very informative class–well worth the time and money. Kevin is a very good instructor. Definitely would recommend. The only negative was the class size was too large.

  5. georgetta williams says:

    class was awesome. so much helpful knowledge and information. kevin and keith were great. had so much fun. loved shooting and have so much interest now. looking forward to more shooting and taking a carry/conceal. just trying to decide what type of gun to purchase. thanks again.

  6. Wendy says:

    What a fun class. Kevin made everyone feel relaxed and confident. Ladies Only is the perfect environment to eliminate self-consciousness. I’m looking forward to signing up for more classes.

  7. Ethel Fairchild says:

    I attended a class tonight at Buds gun shop. The instructor Kevin was very thorough explaining the fundamentals of a gun. Had a great time and looking forward to going back to some other classes. Great job Kevin

  8. Tara Stamper says:

    A friend and I decided last minute to take this class, they were very accommodating getting us in. The class was large but very organized and well run! There were two teachers Kevin and Keith (I think) both were excellent! I would recommend this class for beginners!
    We spent about an hour in a class room going over safety, basics of a gun, holding a gun, aiming using the sites and standing. Then we went downstairs to the shooting range and could each shoot 3 guns, 5 times!! Again overall a very good class for learning the basics!!

  9. Laura says:

    I attended this class tonight. It was a great intro class, and all were treated with respect. Kevin and the other gentleman were excellent! Very highly recommended!!

  10. Madison says:

    I loved this class! The two instructors, Kevin and Keith, were excellent and very helpful. I had never held a gun before so I was deffinetely a beginner! The class was also helpful to learn correct gun safety before entering the range. I would recommend this class to everyone – even if you are nervous about shooting a gun for the first time.

  11. Angie says:

    I loved this class! Kevin was a great instructor treated all of us women with respect he taught the class in a way that we all relate. I recommend this class to all women. $$$$$

  12. Ashley says:

    I recently took this class with Kevin, who is an awesome instructor! He explains everything in an easy to understand way and is willing to answer questions and help students overcome problems and develop confidence with their weapons. I also did a private lesson with Kevin to figure out the specific areas I need to work on and hone what I had learned in class and both of these things have helped me out immensely!

  13. Mariah Koehler says:

    I think this is a great starter class, I learned so much from the instructor who used to work in law enforcement. I felt so safe during this class and this is one of the key components he works on with the ladies, feeling confident and not being scared, which was awesome. I think that everyone, if even hesitant, should at least take this class and try to become comfortable with guns and learn the basics.

  14. Sarah says:

    Took the class tonight along with my daughter. We really enjoyed it. Kevin is a great instructor and really makes you feel comfortable. I highly suggest taking it to get on your way to being comfortable with shooting.

  15. Ingrid says:

    Great class presented with a thoughtful combination of welcoming humor and sensible safety instruction. Highly recommended for beginners. 10/10 would attend again.

  16. Ardetta says:

    Had this class this evening. It has been a long time since I’ve held or shot a gun, although I was nervous Kevin was patient and made the class so enjoyable I’d suggest anyone interested in going to the range attend this class.

  17. Charlotte Fleetwood says:

    Just did this class and Kevin was the instructor. Great class! If you have never shot a handgun you will gain the skill and safety knowledge to be comfortable to shoot a handgun. Kevin and Gary ran the range part of the class. BEST CLASS AND INSTRUCTORS!
    Sign up you will be glad you did!

  18. Sandy says:

    I attended the class tonight. I enjoyed it so much! Kevin and Gary were both great instructors. I learned a lot in this class. It is well worth the price. Don’t hesitate to take this class. Kevin makes everyone feel comfortable.

  19. Hallie Woosley says:

    Absolutely loved the class and definitely recommend to anyone!! It was a blast and Kevin and Gary made you feel completely comfortable.

  20. Randi says:

    A friend and I attended this class tonight, and really enjoyed ourselves! It was my first time holding and shooting a firearm. I was definitely nervous, but Kevin, our instructor made it easy to learn. Very informative and engaging! I am looking forward to additional classes and time at the range. Don’t be nervous ladies! You won’t regret it!

  21. Brianna says:

    Just attended this class tonight and really enjoyed it. Kevin was an awesome instructor and made sure he was there to assist us and answer questions every step of the way. Keith was also very helpful as well. This was my first time at Bud’s but definitely won’t be my last. I’m looking forward to more classes and some range time to learn even more. Overall, great class and great instructors!

  22. Laura Perrow says:

    Well I walked in only willing to hold a gun with two fingers and I left feeling confident enough to pick up a gun and not be afraid of it. All questions were answered and no question was too stupid! Great job!

  23. Lisa W. says:

    The class helped me understand the reasons that so called accidents happens,why you don’t lean while shooting and it also helped me be more comfortable handling guns. Kevin helped me more than he realize. I will recommend this to anyone that’s thinking about using a gun. I look forward to practicing at the range, I need it. Thanks again to everyone at Buds

  24. Alanna Sininger says:

    Really enjoyed the class. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and made the class fun and interesting. Definitely looking forward to checking out more classes!

  25. Carol P. says:

    This was a great class yesterday evening. Kevin is awesome. He was very thorough and worked hard to make sure everyone felt at ease with firearms. I feel more confident after taking this class. I have recommended the class to my friends. I hope that Kevin teaches some other classes so that I can take those too!

  26. Miranda Jarvis says:

    I recommend this class to anyone looking to be more comfortable with using a handgun. Kevin stressed safety and is helping educate responsible gun users and owners. I am not the kind of person who ever thought she’d find herself in a gun class, but I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Kevin removed the intimidation from my first experience with a gun. Get a friend and go!

  27. My sister and I took the class tonight. We Absolutely loved the class. It was very helpful and for 2 people who had never shot a gun before with the instructions we did very well. We feel alot more comfortable now and learned alot. Would recommend this class to All women. Go check it out!!!

  28. guns says:

    Absolutely loved that class man. I am sitting with my sister and we both are enjoying your class. Kevin, You are a great instructor and know what your students are thinking. You’re the damn right man!
    The Class literally helped me how to handle and used the gun. Moreover, those pro tips are really impressive
    Have a great day man, you are our mentor!
    Also, My cousin, want training, so I’ll visit your office in a few weeks

  29. Kathleen B says:

    The class was amazing, Gary took time to explained everything! Not to mention that he and Jason took time to help me find a gun that would feel good for me to Handle . I have a disability in my hands with limited strength and I was nervous to shoot and they made me feel completely comfortable.

  30. Susan P says:

    Loved this class. Gary was very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything and made the class enjoyable. Will definitely be back.

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