KY Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons Course (CCDW)

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We conduct the Kentucky State Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Course in accordance with guidelines and regulations directed from the Kentucky State Police.

Click link below for Eligibility and detailed information:

We typically offer the course in one, eight-hour session, usually Saturday or Sunday.

  • For the KY Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Course, you will need:
  • Handgun
  • Magazine (if applicable)
  • At Least 20 Rounds of FACTORY AMMUNITION (Handloads or Reloads are not authorized)
  • Ammunition is available for purchase on site at Buds Gun Shop & Range

For questions and more information email

Course Length: 8hrs

Course Location: Buds Gun Shop and Range, 1105 Industry Rd, Lexington, KY 40505

Class Time: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Cost: $85.00

*You must sign up for the class online or in the retail store as each course date fills up quickly.

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9 thoughts on “KY Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons Course (CCDW)”
  1. phil leveridge says:

    Great overview of the regulations, do’s/do not’s, and mind set needed for CCDW. The instruction team were professional and the class was very well organized.

  2. Thurston H says:

    Marty Wells did an excellent job teaching the class and relating everything to real life experiences. Many of the students in the class never shot or owned a gun before, he took all the time needed to help everyone from the most experienced to the non-experienced. He and JR stayed late to help my daughter with her shooting to insure she was ready for the real world. Excellent job highly recommended.

  3. Christian Reisch says:

    Excellent class and excellent instructors in a top notch, comfortable facility! I would highly recommend to anyone considering getting there CCDW license. The class was diverse from every perspective be it male, female, black, white, young (just over 21, since you must be 21) to elderly. there were over 40 participants in my class and everyone was made to feel comfortable. Marty Wells and JR do an excellent job of covering all of the material and making sure everyone has been taught the information they need to pass the test, if they paid attention. The shooting portion was done indoors at Bud’s top notch shooting facility.

  4. Vanessa says:

    This was a great class. Very informative and serious but fun. Marty was great and will make sure everything is understood. He is very helpful through the whole process and wants to make sure you succeed in the class and outside of the classroom in real life situations.

  5. Roger says:

    I took the class on Saturday very informative class. Marty keeps the class interesting with everyday situations. Very nice set up with a one stop location take the class and range in one building. If you are not comfortable with your shooting he offered you to come back with help for free. He makes sure you leave their understanding the class. I would recommend this class to anyone look to get their CCDW class.

  6. Kelly says:

    Looking forward to class saturday

  7. GY says:

    Highly recommend this class. Video a little long, but instructor Marty Wells keeps the class entertained and teaches real life scenarios.

  8. Thomas says:

    Marty covered all the necessary materials, and was able to answer all questions the class threw his way. I would recommend the class to anyone wanting their CCDW. Thank you for your time and effort in making KY safer.

  9. Chasity Noel says:

    Marty was fantastic at explaining everything that came with gun usage and safety. He kept my attention at all times. I enjoyed the class over all. He also repeatedly gave his number and told us to call for any questions regards to gun handling which in my case (considering I’m not distinguished in the gun area) is a very helpful and awesome thing to do for women like me!
    Thanks Marty for hosting a great class!

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