Kentucky Permitless “Constitutional” Carry: What You Need To Know Now!

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Kentucky’s enactment of permitless or “Constitutional Carry” provides that as of June 27, 20 19, persons in Kentucky who are twenty-one (21) or older, and otherwise able to lawfully possess a firearm, may carry concealed firearms or other concealed, deadly weapons without a license in the same locations as persons with valid licenses.

Okay…but what does this really mean for the person who would like to begin carrying a firearm concealed?

Our FREE seminar addresses YOUR concerns by examining the following topics (and more):

– What locations are prohibited when carrying concealed deadly weapons?

– What happens when I want to travel to, or through other states with my firearm, or with other types of

concealed, deadly weapons?

– Under what circumstances may I employ a deadly weapon in Kentucky?

– Should I still be concerned with federal laws regarding concealed carry?

– In Kentucky, a non-prohibited person can already carry a firearm openly.  Why would I want to consider concealed carry?

– What should I do if I’m carrying concealed and stopped by law enforcement while driving?

Please join us for this important FREE seminar!

Seminar duration: 60-70 minutes. Seating is limited; sign up online now!

Customer Reviews:

“Excellent.  [Instructor was] very thorough, took time to deal with all questions.”  –Larry H.

“Fantastic information!  [Doug was] very knowledgeable, great speaker, very engaging.”  –Cori S.

“Excellent and thorough content; enjoyable as well as informative.  [Instructor was] very personable and extremely knowledgeable.”  –Ariel P.

“Very detailed and thorough; very informative.” — Joseph P.

“Extremely useful and helps one consider many circumstances that we need to consider.  Excellent instruction, obviously cares about this issue and wants us to understand the implications of open carry, concealed and permitless carry.”  –Linda H.

“I enjoyed this class–very well presented. — Sheila K.

“Very informative class; [the instructor] covered subject matter material, very professional presentation.” –Don Y.

“Wonderful seminar. Doug is great; good base detail & humor.” — John F.

“Very informative on new KY constitutional carry rules and a great reminder on concealed license rules; excellent instructor.” — Barry B.

“[Overall experience] very informative; [instructor] fantastic.” — Heather J.

“Lots of good information, very relevant to topic of seminar.” — Nathan V.

“Excellent!  Thank you!  Right level of detail vs time / simplicity–didn’t overload with details–great.”   — Bill M.

“It was great; very informative. [Instructor was] great, fluid, very knowledgeable about what’s good with carrying.” — Missy W.

“Information covered was extremely relevant to what, when, who and why to carry. Instructor was to the point.  Comic relief and knowledge helped to keep it interesting.” — Benjamin M.

“Good classroom setting, good class to get started with in getting educated on weapons license classes. [Instructor] very experienced, good job w/great detail.” — Charles S.

“Very informative.  Liked the information on states in the U.S. and law. [Instructor] very good, very informed; very good presentation.” — Sue P.

“Excellent–everyone should know info: ‘be informed.’  Great info–clear–[I] was unsure–this cleared questions.”  — Wendy V.

“Satisfied with level of knowledge provided.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable on the subject.”  –William R.

“Good; good content, comfortable classroom, very good instructor.  He was very knowledgeable and was a good speaker / teacher as well.”  — Julie T.

“Very informative; serious scenarios very helpful, straightforward.  [Instructor was] very clear and knowledgeable.  Very experienced and likable personality.”  — Natoloa W.

“Excellent, very knowledgeable and stayed on subject.”  — Joseph W.

“Very informative, followed by next steps after class.  As I already intended to take the full course to acquire my license, I was happy to hear that is still advisable and why.”  — Andrea C.

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