Kentucky Permitless “Constitutional” Carry: What You Need To Know Now!


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Kentucky’s enactment of permitless or “Constitutional Carry” provides that starting July 1, 2019, persons in Kentucky who are twenty-one (21) or older, and otherwise able to lawfully possess a firearm, may carry concealed firearms or other concealed, deadly weapons without a license in the same locations as persons with valid licenses.

Okay…but what does this really mean for the person who would like to begin carrying a firearm concealed?

Our FREE seminar addresses YOUR concerns by examining the following topics (and more):

– What locations are prohibited when carrying concealed deadly weapons?

– What happens when I want to travel to, or through other states with my firearm, or with other types of

concealed, deadly weapons?

– Under what circumstances may I employ a deadly weapon in Kentucky?

– Should I still be concerned with federal laws regarding concealed carry?

– In Kentucky, a non-prohibited person can already carry a firearm openly. Why would I want to consider concealed carry?

– What should I do if I’m carrying concealed and stopped by law enforcement while driving?

Please join us for this important FREE seminar!

Seminar duration: 60 minutes. Seating is limited; sign up online now!

Customer Reviews:

“Very detailed and thorough; very informative.” –Joseph P.

“I enjoyed this class–very well presented. –Sheila K.

“Very informative class; [the instructor] covered subject matter material, very professional presentation.” –Don Y.

“Wonderful seminar. Doug is great; good base detail & humor.” –John F.

“Very informative on new KY constitutional carry rules and a great reminder on concealed license rules; excellent instructor.” –Barry B.

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06/06/19 6:00pm-7:00pm, 06/27/19 6:00pm-7:00pm

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