Introduction to the AR-15


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The AR-15, frequently termed the “modern sporting rifle” or MSR, truly is America’s rifle of choice for a civilian sporting rifle. Whether you are thinking about your first purchase, or already own one and simply want to become familiar with the nuts and bolts of the AR—we have you covered with our  Intro to AR-15 class!

Our instructors will discuss what you need to know for smart purchase, responsible ownership, and safe operation of AR-pattern firearms.

What you’ll learn:

1) a review of firearm safety rules and storage;

2) types of AR rifles, carbines, and pistol platforms; gas vs piston systems;

3) parts and operation;

4) how to field-strip with proper cleaning methods and necessary tools;

5) sensible modifications and worthwhile accessories;

6) optics options

You will shoot your AR at the end of class!


Materials required:

1) Bring your gun (UNLOADED) and one magazine—also UNLOADED!

If you do not have your own AR, we will offer a selection of ARs to shoot at the end of class.

Each participant will be provided with 20 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition for shooting on the range at the end of the class under instructor supervision.

2) Ammunition: do not bring loaded firearms or magazines to the class.  You will only load a firearm at the direction of the instructor. We provide 20 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammo to shoot at the end of class.

3) We recommend that you bring your own eye and ear protection--electronic shooting muffs are preferred.  However, if you do not yet own your own muffs, we can provide a non-electronic model.

Reserve your spot online today, as each session is limited to only ten (10) participants!

Class Duration: Two hours.

Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign range waivers.

Only $45.  Limited spaces for this class!


Participant Comments:

"Excellent class; very informative.  [John was] very knowledgeable."  --Chris Y.

"It was very informative; this is my first long gun and enjoy learning.  [John was] excellent.  I am honored to have learned from a service member."  --Joseph E.

"Great; he [John] knows it and knows how to tell it."  --Eddie P.

"Exactly what I needed.  John knew his stuff--excellent."  --David C.

"Very informative, very helpful.  [John was] knowledgeable, patient."  --Kevin W.

"Great!  John was very knowledgeable, clear and patient.  Great class for a newbie!"  --Angela B.

"Very positive; learned a lot of valuable hands-on info.  [John was] very competent, mastery of subject.  Presents information clearly."  --Donald P.

"Great lesson, learned a few new things.  Easy to understand--took time to demonstrate each point."  --Gary T.

"Fantastic, we learned a lot of useful information.  [Instructor was] very knowledgeable about function, performance and usage."  --Jessica & Craig C.

"Good information class.  Instructor did a great job. Great interaction, informative, highly recommend to experienced shooters and beginners.  Never hurts to have additional training."  --Cliff P.

"Really enjoyed the class.  [Instructor was] very knowledgeable."  --Gary H.

"Great--very informative.  [John was] straight and to the point."  --Tim M.

"It helped ease my anxiety.  Great experience overall.  Everything was great and informative.  Maybe go a little slower and make sure the newer people are good to go."  --David M.


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6/12 5pm-7pm


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