Introduction to Shooting Sports

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We’ve designed this fun-filled session for those who would like to learn exactly what constitutes entering the world of competitive shooting sports—in other words,

how to get in the game!”

It’s an easy way to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you dive in to competitive shooting, and best of all…there’s no stress.

LEARN to do it the right way and save $$ and time by choosing the right equipment

you need the FIRST time.

Our “INTRO TO SHOOTING SPORTS” course will teach you:

1) an understanding of the different types of competitions and what they entail:

3-GUN / IDPA / USPSA / Long-range Shooting / Outlaw matches

2) types of firearms, gear, and accessories that increase your success;

3) rules and range commands, types of targets, and how targets are scored;

4) understanding how to “read” the stages for improved success;

5) where to find matches and how to enter for your experience level.

All in a safe and fun environment!


Prerequisites—NONE—just an open mind and a desire to learn.

You will have an opportunity to shoot what you learn—it’s “hands-on” training.

Firearms and ammunition are provided during the course.

Class Duration: Ninety minutes on our training range.

Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign range waivers.

Only $39! Limited spaces for this class–sign up now.

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