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FREE Introduction to Handguns

In our Introduction to Handguns session, you’ll learn the important basics of firearm safety and how to properly hold, grip, sight, and shoot handguns.

Whether you are new to firearms, or perhaps you have already purchased a firearm, but just lack experience—this is the class for you!

This is serious subject matter for sure, but we keep it fun while you learn:

–Basic Firearms Safety

–Getting familiar with the parts and operation of handguns

–Holding, gripping, aiming, and trigger press

–Considerations of using a handgun

The second part of the course focuses on live-fire in our unique Training Range.

We feature a variety of handguns in .22LR, .380, 9mm and .38 spl. and each participant will get to choose and try several different firearms.

We provide:

  • Range handguns for the class
  • Ammunition
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Targets

Reserve your spot online today as these events fill up quickly!

Class Duration: Two hours   6pm – 8pm.

Cost: FREE

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One thought on “Introduction to Handguns”
  1. william.staats says:

    I brought my girlfriend to this class to get her more comfortable with my hobby and she loved it. This class taught the exact information she was looking for to get more comfortable with the idea of guns. The class covered basic safety and handgun components as well as gave everybody the chance to practice with three different guns. My only warning is that the classroom is a little cold, so dress in layers.

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