Handgun 3.0: Skills & Drills

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Handgun 3.0 is the next step in developing crucial draw-from-holster skills that you need to know now to help you prevail in an armed, self-defense encounter!  

You'll develop greater confidence in your gun handling and shooting.  

It's an opportunity to learn about and immediately put into practice:

  • Understanding and employing the defensive mindset;
  • Continued emphasis on safety;
  • Drawing from holster to automaticity;
  • Shooting and reloading;
  • Working through malfunctions.

Our instructors will explain critical goals and show you how to get there.  This is a tailored approach, providing options to the students, based upon physicality and preferences, with recommended processes if not previously adopted.

This course is focused on functional, not dogmatic approaches to pistolcraft.


You should be familiar with the safe operation of your handgun and have had practice in shooting it!  

You must have successfully taken these classes as provided by us:

  1. Introduction to Handgun or Introduction to Handgun--Women Only
  2. Handgun 2.0

If you have not taken the classes listed above, but have other experience you believe might qualify you for eligibility for this class, please provide your name and contact information to: [email protected].  An instructor will contact you to help assess your experience before you sign up for a class for which you might be ill-prepared.  

Materials needed: You will need to bring the following:

  1. a quality handgun: can be a semiauto pistol, or a revolver, BUT continue reading;
  2. a holster that is designed specifically for your model handgun (leather or kydex—no nylon) of sufficient quality to be able to repeatedly draw and re-holster with one hand;No holsters will be permitted where the firearm muzzle faces rearward, or if your draw would sweep other participants—Safety First!  Permitted holsters: Inside (IWB) or Outside Waistband (OWB) holster worn anywhere from appendix to four o'clock position.  In other words, your holster positioned anywhere from your front centerline around to just behind your hip (so-called 4 o'clock position).NO SMALL-OF-BACK, CROSSDRAW, SHOULDER RIGS, ANKLE, POCKET, OR BAG OR PURSE CARRY HOLSTERS are permitted from which to draw FOR THIS CLASS.
  3. a double magazine pouch or two speedloader pouches, or easily accessible  pockets for quick, extra-magazine access;
  4. a quality gun belt that firmly supports your holstered gun and magazines.  It is sometimes possible to wear an appendix holster without a belt, but you need very good support for your gun, holster and accessories: we  recommend wearing jeans or tactical pants; we do not recommend leggings;
  5. a minimum of two, double-stack magazines, more if you have them.  Single-stack, magazine-fed pistols will require at least three (3) magazines.  6-round revolvers will require at least TWO speedloaders and 5-round revolvers will require at least THREE speedloaders;
  6. personal eye and ear protection; electronic ear protection works better for this class;
  7. pen and paper for notetaking;
  8. 200 rounds of range ammunition in the proper caliber for your handgun; ammunition is available for purchase at our range counter.

Class Duration: Up to four hours +/-  Classroom lecture and live-fire drills on our training range!

Cost: only $79

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6/2 1pm-5pm

2 reviews for Handgun 3.0: Skills & Drills

  1. Max Q

    I took this class last weekend and it was great. Steve is a great instructor. I wish they had more classes available

  2. Marshall Ware

    Very knowledgeable instruction and good information about handguns and personal defense. I like that you partner up with another student during the course of fire. This class builds confidence with your firearm, and above all doing it safely. I highly recommend this class to increase your knowledge of carrying a pistol for self defense.

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