Effective Use of a 50 Round Box of Handgun Ammunition



Effective Use of a 50-round box of Handgun Ammunition

When visiting our range to practice with your handgun, have you ever wondered how you could use your range time more effectively?

This Range Officer-instructed session will teach you three (3) different ways to utilize a 50-round box of handgun ammunition to help you make the most of your time–AND your ammunition!  Even when you can’t draw from a holster, or maybe you don’t have a concealed-carry license, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice more efficiently.

We’ll do more than just run you through some simple exercises; we’ll give you tips for devising your own goal-oriented sessions and will stress fundamentals of sight alignment, sight picture, trigger manipulation, and the importance of follow-through (for repeated shots).  Some instruction will involve drawing from your hip holster and some will include simply picking up your handgun from a table (as is usually the case when you’re on our commercial range).  Once you have completed this session, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned whenever you come back to practice on your own!

Prerequisite: To be able to draw from holster during this session, participants will need to have completed either our “Draw From Holster” training, or be vetted by the instructing range officer as to proper experience level.  Alternatively, even new shooters can still sign up for this class, you will just simply pick the gun up from a table instead of drawing from a holster.  Either way, your practice sessions are going to be way more productive–no more wasted ammo!

Materials required:

Bring your personal pistol and a minimum of two magazines (three to four magazines are recommended) or several speedloaders or speed strips if you plan to shoot your revolver.  There will be periodic short breaks to allow for the participants to reload.  For those who will be drawing from holster (see above), we strongly recommend a quality hip or appendix holster permitting easy and repeated re-holstering.  Alternatively, you can rent a handgun from us (additional charge) and participate in the session without the draw or need of a holster.

Bringing or purchasing your own eye protection and electronic hearing protection is always a good idea, but we can provide free use of basic eye and ear protection if you don’t already have your own.   

You will also need three (3), 50-round boxes of ammunition for your gun, also available at our range counter.  Have fun!

This training session is limited to ten (10) participants.  Sign up online now before all slots are filled!

Class duration: Approximately 60 minutes on our Range!

Cost: $19.

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