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Buds’ Training Team is pleased to announce our latest class offering: Draw From Holster Training!  For this course we will first utilize our classroom to survey varied modes of carry and instruct you on proper draw in each to expand your carry options.  The class will then proceed to our training range, where we will continue instruction with slow, draw and fire in the student’s own method of carry.

We particularly recommended this class for those who carry concealed, or who plan to, but have not had the opportunity to learn and practice drawing a firearm.  It is also excellent as an introduction to be able to participate in additional Buds’ training, or supervised practice sessions, which necessitate draw skills.

We’ll discuss open-carry, concealed carry, and explore different materials, types of retention, and proper draw in all these modes: OWB belt and clip holsters and variations, IWB belt and clip, pocket carry, shoulder holster, cross-draw, appendix carry, fanny pack, ankle holster, small-of-back carry, briefcase and bag carry and point out the advantages and/or disadvantages of each.  On the range, participants will enjoy the opportunity to draw from their own method of carry, with ongoing coaching and tips from our trainers.

Minimum number of students required: Five (5).  Maximum of ten (10) students.

Prerequisites: You should already have a solid understanding and practice of: gripping the firearm, shooting stance, aiming and sighting, understanding the trigger, and releasing the shot.  If not, sign up for our class: Introduction to Handguns, where you will receive a thorough grounding in the concepts above.  Following this, you'll be ready for "Draw From Holster" training!

Materials needed: You will need to bring your personal handgun and preferred holster for your method of carry.  Your holster needs to be of sufficient quality to be able to repeatedly draw and re-holster with one hand.  We will not permit holster carry and live fire where the firearm muzzle faces rearward, or if your draw would at any point sweep a fellow participant—Safety First!  If you have neither gun nor holster, please advise us in advance by e-mail [email protected] that you would like to take this class, and we will do our best to get you properly set up for the class.

You’ll need 50 rounds of ammunition, which is readily available at our Range counter at additional charge.  Bring your eye & ear protection too; electronic ear protection works better for this class.  If you do not have eye & ear protection it is available for free loan at our Range.

As always, safety is paramount--Range Safety Officers’ and Instructors’ directives must be followed.


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3/27 5pm-7pm

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  1. Harry (verified owner)

    The course is practical and useful. Instructor Zach is very nice and experienced. I learned and practiced some basic tactical skills from the course.

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