Defensive Handgun Skills II

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Defensive Handgun Skills II

Defensive Handgun Skills II, the latest addition to our Defensive Handgun Skills series, is all about building the skills you need to solve common problems one might face in a self-defense situation.

While our Defensive Handgun Skills I class teaches basic skills, this Level II class prepares you to perfect advanced skills commonly needed in self-defense encounters when armed with a handgun.

Some of the skills covered:

–Review of proper draw and fundamentals

–Shooting, loading, and clearing stoppages with only one hand

–Advanced cover and concealment: learning why, when, and how to move to alternate cover

–Shooting from non-traditional positions, including retention and supine

–Low-light / no-light shooting, where participants will experience shooting in sub-optimal lighting conditions and understand the benefits of having a dependable light source available to them

Prerequisites: You should already be familiar with safe operation of your handgun and have had substantial practice in shooting it. If not, sign up for our class: Defensive Handgun Skills I.

Materials needed: You will need to bring the following:
1) a handgun
2) a holster that is made for your model handgun (leather or kydex—no nylon) of sufficient quality to be able to repeatedly draw and re-holster with one hand. No holsters permitted where the firearm muzzle faces rearward, or if your draw would sweep other participants—Safety First!
3) a single or double magazine pouch or speedloader pouch, or available pockets for quick, extra-magazine access
4) a quality gun belt that firmly supports your holstered gun and magazines
5) a minimum of two, double-stack magazines, more if you have them. Single-stack magazine-fed pistols will require at least three magazines, more if you have them. Revolvers will require at least three speedloaders (more is better here as well).
6) personal eye and ear protection; electronic ear protection works better for this class
7) pen and paper for notetaking
8) 400 rounds of range ammunition in the proper caliber for your handgun; available for purchase at our range counter.

Class Duration: Four hours—all on the range!

Cost: $99

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