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You have a handgun, a holster, magazines, and maybe your concealed carry license. All set to go right?

Wait a minute—what about mindset, awareness, and skills to defend against deadly threats?

State concealed carry classes are important for understanding the legal aspects, but this class covers what the concealed carry class left out: practical “know-how.”

Our “Defensive Handgun Skills” class will teach you primary skills you need to know now to help you prevail in an armed, self-defense encounter. You’ll develop confidence in your gun handling and shooting, and have the opportunity to learn about, and immediately put into practice, the following:

  • Basic firearms safety
  • Draw from holster
  • Shooting and reloading
  • Working through malfunctions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Concealment vs cover
  • Shooting from cover
  • Alternate shooting positions

Prerequisites: You should already be familiar with safe operation of your handgun and have had practice in shooting it. If not, we encourage that you sign up for our class: Introduction to Handguns and Intermediate handgun course. If you have had previous experience and would like to verify it please inquire before signing up for class:

Materials needed: You will need to bring the following:

1) a handgun

2) a holster that is made for your model handgun (leather or kydex—no nylon) of sufficient quality to be able to repeatedly draw and re-holster with one hand. No holsters permitted where the firearm muzzle faces rearward, or if your draw would sweep other participants—Safety First!

3) a single or double magazine pouch or speedloader pouch, or available pockets for quick, extra-magazine access

4) a quality gun belt that firmly supports your holstered gun and magazines

5) a minimum of two, double-stack magazines, more if you have them. Single-stack magazine-fed pistols will require at least three magazines. Revolvers will require at least three speedloaders.

6) personal eye and ear protection; electronic ear protection works better for this class

7) pen and paper for notetaking

8) 300 rounds of range ammunition in the proper caliber for your handgun; available for purchase at our range counter

Class Duration: Four (4) hours—all on the range!

Cost: only $99

Customer Reviews:

“Excellent job by Daniel–awesome!  He was a A+++!”  –Matt C.

“I’ll do it again; very good!”  –Craig T.

“Excellent experience–I would do it again.  Daniel was excellent with his knowledge and corrections.”  –Rick S.

“It was great–very practical.  Great instructions.”  –Josh M.

“Awesome.  [Daniel was] very knowledgeable.”  –Neil T.

“Very useful!  [Daniel was] excellent.”  — John J.

“Excellent, would definitely do it again.  [Presentation was] strong!”  –Jason C.

“Learned where I need to improve in both skills and gear.  Zach was excellent and made sure everyone understood.”  –Ryan B.

“Excellent–would do it again.  [Zach was] 100% excellent–very knowledgeable.”  –Dan B.

“Fantastic.  Loved the amount of one-on-one.  Even in group drills there was good direction; very helpful.”  —Wesley M.

“Very good, good intensity.  [Zach was] excellent.”  –Leonard C.

“Great!  Laid back, hit the right subjects.  [Daniel was] excellent & well-spoken.”  –Bill N.

“Fantastic; [Daniel was] very knowledgeable, very safe!”  –Lynda N.

“It was great!  Daniel Mays was terrific!  –Morgan N.

“Excellent.  Valuable information and great presentation.  Daniel is an excellent instructor; fantastic.”  –Michael P.

“It was wonderful.  I’ll more than likely take it again.  [John was] excellent; would recommend 10/10.”  –Aaron O.

“Very positive.  [John was] very knowledgeable and informed; coached all members very well.”  — Griffin P.

“Excellent class, I learned a lot.  Instructor [John] was excellent, very good knowledge of subject matter.”  — Roger A.

“Very good, practicing basics help with better understanding of my firearm.  Very detailed [instruction], instructor [John] was very clear.”  — Joseph P.


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