Defensive Carbine

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You’ve purchased an AR, AK, or other modern sporting rifle, you understand the basics and your plans include utilizing your gun for defensive purposes:

This class is a great way to get really comfortable with your gun, build a solid foundation for safety and effective shooting, and deepen your understanding as you work through a variety of defensive scenarios.

What you’ll learn:

1) a review of firearm operation and handling;

2) focus on a defensive mindset;

3) moving with the firearm;

4) tactical and emergency reloading;

5) understanding cover and shooting from multiple positions;

6) immediate action for failures to fire (FTF)


You must have taken our Intro to ARclass or have similar prior experience.

If you are unsure about this or have questions, please contact

Materials required:

1) Bring your AR, AK, PCC (pistol-caliber carbine), or other semi-auto, detachable-magazine fed carbine, or AR pistol (UNLOADED).

2) At least three to five (3-5) magazines—also UNLOADED, and a way to stow two magazines on your body: big pockets work or dedicated magazine pouches on your belt.

3) A sling (single-point or two-point types) if desired—not mandatory.

4) A quality gun-belt that can hold up fully loaded magazines.

5) 300 rounds of ammunition in the correct caliber for your firearm.

(Ammo available from our range counter at competitive prices).

6) We recommend that you bring your own eye and ear protection–electronic shooting muffs are preferred. Electronic muffs are available at our range at competitive prices.

Reserve your spot online today, as each session is limited to only fifteen (15) participants!

Class Duration: Four hours.

Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign range waivers.

Only $59. Limited spaces!


Participant Comments:

“Excellent class, I learned a lot.  Excellent presentation and knowledge of subject matter.”  –Roger A.

“Thought if was great and informative.  [John] was clear and easy to follow.”  –Josh M.

“Very nice–he had a good voice for the noisy room.  [John was] very knowledgeable.”  –Patti H.

“Great class and great price.  Instructor [John] was very helpful; drew off of practical experience.”  –Wesley M.

“Very fun & informative; learned things to practice in and out of the range.  [John was] excellent.”  –Jacob S.

“Challenging–shooting from secondary side was eye opening.  [John was] excellent.”  –Gary T.


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