House of Worship Safety & Security Seminar

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Regardless of religion or denomination, the safety and security of your congregation are paramount.

Our Director of Education & Training addresses house-of-worship safety and security concerns with a FREE seminar offering an overview of best practices to help you begin to structure a plan that considers a variety of scenarios–and how to implement the plan you devise.

Seminar topics include: developing your plan, establishing goals and objectives, putting the plan into action, your security/response team, and more. This is not a firearms course, but should you elect to incorporate an armed-security team, firearms concerns and training suggestions are discussed.

Please consider bringing a sweater or light jacket as our classroom can be cool.

As always, seating is limited! Sign up online.

Seminar duration: 90 minutes + / –

Cost: FREE!

Attendee Comments:

“Very valuable information needed in today’s world.  Comprehensive!  Significant knowledge of subject; [instructor] gave great examples to reinforce his message and get the audience thinking.”  — Mark K.

“Glad I came.  It was what I thought & hoped it would be.  Appreciate that the class was offered.  [Doug was] very professional, very comfortable with his material.”  –Greg B.

“Very informative and helpful.  [Doug was] an excellent presenter.”  –A.J. J.

“Great! Learned a great deal to protect our church. Wasn’t aware of all that was involved until now; thank you! [Doug was] very knowledgeable, clear, concise and enjoyable. Touched on a lot of material without being overwhelming!” — Kara B.

“Informative, exciting, entertaining.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable and easy to understand.” –Marietta B.

“Very professional. Covered a lot of information on what to consider, build and develop.” — Nelson H.

“Today’s class was exactly what we needed to take back to our church and lay out the grounds for our local church team.  Presentation was spot on.  Easy to pick up key points.”  –Joe T.

“Very well presented and organized information that will be helpful in updating our church’s security team plan.  Instructor provided great resources and shared expertise in material.” — Kristy S.

“Got a lot of good information.  Great–right on point.”  –Jesse W.

“Gave me more confidence/motivation to devote more time to developing a church plan…which, I started, but became discouraged a few months ago.  Terrific overview of security/safety. Went into just enough depth to stimulate further study.” — Wally F.

“Very helpful!  Thank you for doing this.  [Instructor was] excellent–great knowledge and great communicator!”  –Dave M.

“Very good content.  [Doug] keeps it moving and pertinent.  He knows his stuff and slides are interesting.” –Jennifer P.

“Extremely helpful; we now know how to implement a “safety” team at our rural church.  [Doug is] very knowledgeable on the subject.” –Donna B.

“The lights were dimmed and made it somewhat difficult to take notes.  The seminar was good and covered a large brushstroke of information, but at minimum it brought heightened awareness of being prepared.  Doug was very professional and had great understanding of this subject.”  –Edward E.

“A very good introduction. Outstanding; thank you Doug.” –Jimmy V.

“Great info.  Instructor did a great job–communicated very clearly.”  –James H.

“Very informative–awesome class.  Covered everything as listed.”  –DeWayne L.

“It was very informative, added new information needed for our safety team.  [Doug] did an awesome job.” –Ed R.

“Good experience; good instructor–great.”  –Morris R.

“Very enjoyable/informative.  Doug is very easy to understand; amazing instructor.”  –Brad B.

“Good class, lots of information.  Really makes you think about different situations.  Instructor had very good knowledge of the subject.”  –Jeff S.

“Lots of good information, well laid out for the short time frame.  [Doug was] well versed in subject matter, well-spoken with great pace of material.”  — Jim L.

[Doug was] very experienced and well-versed.  Very good and informative–great use of time.”  –Ken S.

“Positive, helpful.  Prepared, clear.”  –Steve J.

“Great–more time would improve.  Encourage a monthly effort for a year to support everything discussed.  [Instructor command]: Bravo. “  –Michael N.

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7/14 5pm-6:30pm

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