Active-Shooter Seminar


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Active-shooter events have increased. Businesses, schools, churches and military bases have all been affected by these deadly situations.

In this fast-paced, FREE seminar, open to the public as part of Buds’ outreach initiatives, we will cover these important considerations:

1) How to recognize potential workplace violence indicators.

2) Describe actions to take to help prevent and prepare for potential active-shooter incidents.

3) Suggest actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and responding law enforcement.

4) Recommendations for how to manage the consequences of an active-shooter incident.

To date, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “Active-Shooter” advice to the general public has been built upon three, basic responses: “Run-Hide-Fight”.

Our Education & Training Director will review current DHS material for the audience, but will also offer alternative considerations and responses to these situations.

Don’t miss this important event! Sign up online now–seating is limited.

Seminar duration: One hour Thirty Minutes. Cost: FREE!

Customer Reviews:

“10 out of 10.  Excellent, very knowledgeable.” –Terry S.

“It was very helpful.  Doug knows what points to bring up and very informative, he did a great job.  He is very well educated on this seminar.”  –Lynn B.

“Excellent program.  Way better information and advice than my own company provides.  Very knowledgeable and able to communicate his knowledge clearly.” — Bob B.

“A wonderful experience.  Definitely gives you things to consider.  Great command of the material.  Well-researched and well thought out.” –Alan F.

“I think my time was very well spent–thank you.  Very professional and informative and knowledgeable.”–Roy Y.

“Very informative; [Doug was] knowledgeable, organized.  Good communicator.”  –Barry B.

“Enjoyed it tremendously; learned good responses and actions.  [Doug was] very knowledgeable and good presentation.”  –Mitchell O.

“Very good class…very helpful.  Appreciate the deviation from government standards.”  — Wesley M.

Overall experience: “Excellent.”  Instructor’s command of subject matter and presentation: “Excellent.”  –Gino A.

“Excellent–gave me a lot to think about in my everyday life.” [The presentation] was very well put together.”–Sean S.

“Enjoyed gaining the additional knowledge of incident preparedness. Doug related the info very well and made it easy to grasp.”–Jim. B

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09/26/19 6:00 – 7:30PM

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    Great seminars – thanks!

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