Decisive Action

Since 2012 Decisive Action has been a leader in the high threat private security as well as the weapons and tactics industry. Possessing real world experience securing high profile and high net worth individuals and companies in hostile environments, DA security contractors were on the ground in Ferguson MO during the riots in 2014 protecting Fox News network personnel following the Michael Brown verdict. DA has also secured corporate assets in multiple locations including the US/ Mexican border. Decisive Action has done extensive PSD work for major energy corporations, private businesses, high profile public figures, and individual families. Their security contractors have experience working with major film production and red carpet celebrity events. DA is the exclusive security provider for Reynolds Jet Management.

Decisive Action security specialists come from various backgrounds including Marine Corps Anti-terrorism(FAST), Army SF, former and current Law Enforcement personnel, a former State Department Contractor, ESI graduates, EMT, Celebrity Protection Specialists and other private security firms that work for the Department of Defense.

Decisive Action weapons and tactics training doctrine is based on their real world PSD experience and the combined education of their security operators. They offer real world scenario based training programs that teach law enforcement, military, and civilian students the skills that Decisive Action security personnel use while protecting their clients. DA training focuses heavily on the reality that innocent bystanders and loved ones are often present during violent confrontations. The methods used to protect their high profile clients easily translate into tactics that the average citizen can use to protect their families out in public.

The typical hostile engagement does not involve rifles, armor, and tactical gear. Decisive Action does offer highly advanced military style carbine and CQB tactics to their military and law enforcement clientele. However, the average civilian and police officer is much more likely to become involved in violent confrontations with only a handgun or unarmed. There is a high demand for Decisive Action’s fast paced and aggressive pistol skills and unarmed combatives. They specialize in fast weapons manipulation and teach their students the proper mindset to enhance their combative skills. During all of the courses they offer, students get a generous amount of trigger time and weapons training but the knowledge gained is the most valuable asset acquired.

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