As part of our continuing effort for outreach and education to the community-at-large, our Director of Education & Training will consider speaking to your school, church, community organization, neighborhood association, government or business group.

Topics include firearms education, safety awareness, training, selection, purchase & transfer regulations, home & personal protection considerations and more! There is generally no charge for this service, but speaking engagements are limited by the Director’s availability.

Depending upon the size of your group or audience, we may offer to provide our training room facility at our retail store in Lexington, KY.

We invite you to send your request, including the name of your group, desired topic or questions, and contact information to Doug: [email protected]. Please send requests at least 60 days in advance of the tentative meeting date.

“We are focused on proliferating Buds’ company vision and mission for comprehensive firearms education and training–not only for those who already have an interest in firearms, but to introduce quality firearms education and training into areas previously underserved by the industry. We believe that a solid firearms education should be both easily available and affordable to anyone desiring to have that education.

To this end, all introductory-level firearms group classes at Buds Gun Shop & Range are inexpensive, and advanced training is available at competitive prices—so once you understand the basics, we make it easy and affordable to continue your firearms training.

We also entertain requests from schools, churches, neighborhood associations, and civic organizations, as well as business groups and private parties, to assist them with responsible firearms education and training in many different capacities.

Contact me today to see how Buds can help you.   It’s fun too!

Director / Outreach, Education, & Training
Chief Compliance Officer
All are welcome (who are legally able, and regardless of age or experience) to learn about and enjoy the amazing world of firearms.”